Q: How does the Super Bowl countdown clock work?
A: The countdown clock has been preset with today's date and time, number of days, hours and minutes remaining to kickoff of Super Bowl, which is at 5:07pm CST. February 1, 2004, Houston, Texas. Daylight savings time has been accounted for and the clock can easily be reprogrammed for different time zones.

Countdown to Motherhood Lullaby Collection®
Q: How does the Countdown to Motherhood Lullaby clock work?
A: This clock has a utility patent issued and represents the only clock in the market designed exclusively for maternity. It has a 26 year preprogrammed IC chip that makes the allowance for a complete calendar year. When the expectant mother programs in today’s date, time and estimated due date, the clock programs the information and counts down the number of months, weeks, days remaining to the birth of the baby. On the anticipated due date the clock plays Brahms Lullaby, resets after 24 hours, and reverses to keep track of baby’s first year milestones including first smile, first tooth, first crawl and first step. This clock is the only clock that has the ability to reverse and count up to mark special events.

Q: What happens if the baby arrives early?
A: The clock is easy to reprogram after birth of the baby.

Q: What happens if the baby arrives late?
A: The clock reverses and allows the expectant mother to keep track of how many days past the estimated due date she is. After the baby arrives, the clock can be easily reprogrammed for the actual arrival date.

Q: What if the physician changes the due date?
A: The clock can be easily reprogrammed for the new estimated due date.