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LA Times - May, 2008
Oct 8, 2009 - Manny Ramirez Wig.

Cavs Wig Night
Cavaliers Anderson Varejao Wig Night

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Cav Wig Night
Cavaliers Ben Wallace Wig Night - 12/12/08

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LA Times - May, 2008
May 12, 2008

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April 2, 2008

The best stadium giveaways of 2008

Freebies include soul patches, sausage bobbleheads
By MLB.com/Entertainment

Tampa Bay Rays, May 24 vs. Baltimore, Rays Disco Wig: This is a great addition to 1970s night at the Trop, but it won't be any fun unless this baby gets planted firmly on the bald dome of frequent Rays game ticket-holder Dick Vitale. Now that would be Awesome with a capital A, baby.

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LA Times

Getting’ Wiggy With It

Hair-Raising Success Story in Sports Licensing (12/12/06)

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Dodgers Season Tickets

GameOps.com Best Game Promotion:
What single game night promotion was most effective and creative. An example would be "President's Night" where a team builds an game day promotion around a them like "President's Night", perhaps handing out US flags and having namesakes like "George Washington, Richard Nixon, and George Bush" dropping the puck for a game held on President's Day. Consider creativity, entertainment value, media exposure, drawing power, and execution of the operations.

Winner: Brazilian Carnival Night - Cleveland Cavaliers
The Cavaliers tied together every piece of their game presentation in this Brazilian tour-de-force. A premium giveaway, entertainment act at halftime, themed concourse elements, pre-game shows, staff and ushers wearing the wigs and the entire piece built on the popularity of a player. Local and national media exposure and a return engagement for the wigs show that the Cavaliers had a winner on their hands. The premium item was unusual and creative.
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Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated

Word Record Wig Night:
Wigged-awsome fans take turns greeting Anderson Varajao, the Cavaliers' mane man - he's the one a hair taller than the rest - at the Q on Tuesday before the game against the Orlando Magic. The Cavs beat the Magic 105 to 92. Quicken Loans coffed up enough wigs so all fans in attendance were a lock to help set the Guinness World Record for most people wearing wigs in a single venue.
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Angel Monkeys
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Angel Wig
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Dodger Wig night

Front page of the Daily News showing Wig Night

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Front page Business section of LA Times showing fan browsing at LA Fan-u-copia

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