University of Florida Gator
  Wig Night
Cleveland Cavaliers Ben Wallace
  Wig Night
FC Dallas
  Juan Toja Wig Night
Tampa Bay Devil Rays
  Disco Wig Night
Los Angeles Avengers Curly
  Wig Night
Los Angeles Avengers Mullet
  Wig Night
Los Angeles Avengers Fuzzhead
  Wig Night
Houston Rockets Wig Night Mascot
Houston Rockets Retail Sales
Houston Rockets Wig Night
Ohio State Wig Nights
Los Angeles Dodgers Wig Nights
Anaheim Angels
Rally Monkey Nights
WNBA - Los Angeles Sparks
University of Florida
Energy Sponsor
University of Florida - Division 1   Champions
Johnson City Cardinals
"Booze it & Lose it"
CSUSB Student Union
New York Mets
Teamster Bear
Utah Jazz Wig Night
Norwich Navigators/
  Don King Wig Night
Cleveland Cavaliers World Record Brazilian Carnival Night
San Francisco Giants Wig Night
Minnesota Timberwolves
Washington Wizards
Chicago White Sox Mullet Night
Cleveland Cavaliers
  Bald Head Night
Cleveland Cavaliers Anderson
  Varejao Wig Night
Auburn University Wig Night
Georgia Wig Night
Miami Heat Wig Night
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Los Angeles Dodgers Wig Night
sponsored by Mervyn's

Thousand of fans lineup for their LA Dodgers wigs
Inside the stadium, fans young and old proudly wore their Mervyn's sponsored head wear!

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